Debt Neglector

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Debt Neglector from Florida put out their first record last year on Smartpunk  Records called “Atomicland.”, a 12 track album filled with punchy pop-punk tunes that are a level above the usual clones coiled springs of the genre. The band produces a slightly heavier more edgy sound with tuneful melodies, writing about real subject matters such as racism and depression they have hit the ground running in a short space of time. Having gained experience from their previous bands New Mexican Disaster Squad, No Friends, Gatorface and Eavesdropper, they all contribute to the party which can be heard coming through on the albums sound.

Play: Debt Neglector – Atomicland


Heavy beats and melodic riffs introduce you to the title track “Atomicland” harmonies sprinkled around the chorus is a good opener and a taste of what’s to come. Although there is a pop-punk theme running through the album, the vocal stays…

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