Under the Radar: Los Cobrilos

Brace yourself Britain. Los Cobrilos have landed and they’re set to be the biggest thing out of Serbia since Nemanja Vidić. “Serbia?!” I hear you ask. Yes, Serbia. The former Yugoslav Republic may not be famed for churning out rock gods, but Los Cobrilos are making ripples right across Europe.


Los Cobrilos are Neven and Andrej (the one with the massive beard!). Life-long friends brought together at a young age through their love of rock, blues and grunge. Their camaraderie shows in their tight arrangements and searing live performances. Driven by a pure love of music, they learnt their trade playing acoustic covers and rock staples, developing their own musical identity en route. Having served their apprenticeship under various incarnations, Los Cobrilos is a long-term project that signals their coming of age.


The Los Cobrilos sound is packed with gutsy blues guitar that will be lapped up by British rock lovers. Their debut single, City, showcases their potential and fans now eagerly await their upcoming EP, due for release in spring. The track is illuminated by Andrej’s masterful work on the fretboard, providing the perfect backdrop for Neven’s gritty delivery of some truly poetic lyrics that are tinged with a hint of darkness. Just when you think it’s peaked, guest sax player Drasko (can you believe he’s only 18?!) blasts out a truly magnificent solo.


One thing is clear. Los Cobrilos are talented and determined to make this project a total success. My money’s on them achieving just that. These easy going, genuine musicians may be laid back in conversation but their work ethic and determination is undeniable. Los Cobrilos are not going to stop until they reach the top.


Los Cobrilos are attracting plenty of industry interest but they’re holding out for the recording contract that fits their vision. They’re thinking big and see a future outside their native Serbia. If their debut single is anything to go by, they’ll be snapped up in no time.

Watch Los Cobrilos’ video for debut single, City:

Like what you hear? Get in touch with Los Cobrilos through Urban Antenna, or contact the band directly:





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