Under the Radar: Joe Platt

What does your average 22-year-old do when left alone in his bedroom with a laptop? Well if you’re Joe Platt, you write, record, mix and master your own unique brand of genre-crossing pop magic.

Joe epitomises everything that’s good about today’s UK independent music scene. He’s not afraid to push boundaries and experiment with new sounds, but he stays true to the soulful rhythms, funky bass lines and old-school hip-hop breaks of days gone by. Throw in a touch of digital wizardry, a hint of psychedelia, and you end up with a catchy, blissed-out sound that can only be achieved by a musician with true vision.

blog pic
Laying the foundations for his latest album

Whilst reluctant to compare Joe to other artists, it’s difficult not to draw comparisons with Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker. Both make use of echoing samples, synthesised hooks and pay full attention to their production from start to finish. Joe tends to work alone when laying down the foundations of his music, but for live performances and studio embellishments he turns to his hand-picked group of session musicians, The Peacekeepers.

album art
The psychedelic, lo-fi artwork that adorns Joe Platt’s innovative new album, Chill Out.

Joe’s latest album, Chill Out, is his third self-produced album and it flows as smooth as silk. Alien Touch gives first-time listeners a glimpse of what’s to come. Tinged with funky strings, tight snare beats and haunting sax, it’s an instant winner that’s followed up by the equally catchy Purple + Blue. As the album progresses it doesn’t get stale. So Much Soul slows things down beautifully, only for Way Out to storm right back and take the album higher than ever. As the album begins to wind down, things get more trippy. Enlarged Heart brings hazy reverb with a touch of R&B and Get Real is the kind of track Ian Brown would create if he was starting out in 2018. The album closes with another stormer as the deep-soul of Graduation stamps its mark and ensures you walk away knowing its only a matter of time until Joe Platt gets his break and finds himself on the receiving end of a record deal.

page pic
Get in touch with Joe on Twitter @JoeAndPeace

Want to listen to Chill Out? Check it out on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube and SoundCloud.

If you want to find out more about Joe Platt, contact Urban Antenna or contact him direct via Twitter @JoeAndPeace. 

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